NZ Deer Velvet Supplements for Your Equine Friend

//NZ Deer Velvet Supplements for Your Equine Friend

NZ Deer Velvet Supplements for Your Equine Friend

Deer velvet is popular with horse owners for building as a natural support for endurance and stamina ahead of competition and events and to aid mobility.

You have a close bond with your horse and you communicate with him – but not to the same extent as you’re able to communicate with your human friends. Your horse can’t tell you, “I’ve hurt myself,” “I’m tired,” or “I’m feeling a bit past my prime lately.” You have to watch for the signs that your horse is in discomfort.

If your horse seems lame, is having trouble getting up or is reluctant to jump, it could be more than just the usual effects of aging. Fortunately there is a solution.  Now there’s a natural aid for supporting your horse’s health – Velvet Pure New Zealand deer velvet health products for horses.

Velvet Pure Deer Velvet contains:

  • Chondroitin and hyaluronic acid to assist joint lubrication and growth
  • Collagen for cartilage
  • Neutrophil to help support the immune system
  • Uronic acid to assist healthy circulation
  • Pantocrin for muscles
  • Alkaline phosphate to aid with cell and tissue repair
  • Selenium to assist with maintaining hormone balance.

The Benefits

In the same way that this combination of substances found in deer velvet in NZ may be helpful to humans, they can also naturally support endurance,stamina and joint mobility in your horse, and help with the symptoms of arthritis.

Your horse is an athlete deer velvet can help support the optimum performance of your horse in the same way it help to support human athletes.

Think of deer velvet as TLC for your horse – TLC in this case meaning both “tender loving care” and “tendons, ligaments and cartilage.” These are the areas that are likely to cause your horse the most discomfort, and could be the cause of difficulty standing, or balkiness when approaching the jump.

Deer velvet is a natural support for the health and wellbeing of your NZ horse. Of course, no supplement is a substitute for the trained advice of a specialist or a visit from the veterinarian, but deer velvet may very well help your horse enjoy a longer, healthier life.

Collecting New Zealand Deer Velvet

Male deer, as they age, lose the velvet on their antlers. When the deer is young, the velvet contains a wealth of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. The antlers are taken and made into deer velvet extract, with no harm coming to the deer during the process.

Deer velvet capsules are used as health supplements for humans and yes, for horses as well.

Buying Deer Velvet Online

It’s important to make sure you’re getting what you pay for – deer velvet prices can vary quite a bit, and not all supplements are created equal. With Velvet Pure Equine deer antler supplements, all you’re getting is deer velvet with no additives or chemicals.

Don’t Forget Your Other Friends!

Surprise your cat with Velvet Pure Up and Go Feline Treats, and your dog with Velvet Pure Deer Antler Chews.


*Individual results may vary. Velvet Pure Deer Products should not replace existing and prescribed medications or be a substitute for the medical advice and consultation of a doctor or pharmacist. It is important to have all symptoms of pain, disease or illness investigated with a qualified medical specialist, veterinarian or doctor. The information on this website does not replace the individual advice and consultation of a doctor, veterinarian or pharmacist.

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