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Deer Velvet for Better Natural Health

Looking to support your athletic performance? Troubled by muscle or joint pain? Or simply seeking a natural support for your health and well-being? You need to know about New Zealand deer velvet supplements. Deer velvet has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and now modern research also suggests that deer velvet may be a highly beneficial natural supplement.....

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NZ Deer Velvet Supplements for Your Equine Friend

Deer velvet is popular with horse owners for building as a natural support for endurance and stamina ahead of competition and events and to aid mobility. You have a close bond with your horse and you communicate with him – but not to the same extent as you’re able to communicate with your human friends. Your horse can’t tell you, “I’ve hurt myself,” “I’m tired,” or “I’m feeling a bit past my prime lately.” You have to watch for the signs that your horse is in discomfort....

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