Tia Ora Deer Milk Cream

Cheyenne has long-term eczema, with weather changes, consuming dairy products and some skincare products making it worse. In summer her eczema gets very inflamed and itchy. In winter her skin becomes very dry and flaky. The eczema covers both hands, fingers, wrists and inner elbows.

Cheyenne trialled Tia Ora Deer Milk cream for a few days, here's what she found:
"Tia Ora Deer Milk cream is easy to apply and has a nice cooling effect on the skin. It has a neutral, natural smell.

I used it as a hand cream because the majority of my hand had eczema. By day 2 of use, it had moisturised the dry patches and made my hands smoother. It also reduced the inflammation that I had in these areas.

It's a thinner cream than I'm used to using and takes a few minutes to fully absorb.

All in all, I really like the cream, I think it has potential and I’m glad it was able to clear up my eczema and make it less irritated."


“On the first try of new products I usually expect it to sting but this didn’t sting at all.

It had more of a cooling effect which felt really nice.”

By day three I wasn’t feeling itchy and I could see the inflammation became to come down on my wrists.

My hands were feeling more moisturised and because I wasn’t itching my skin wasn’t flaking or inflamed or red.

By this day you could barely see the eczema just a faint mark.

Still moisturised and inflammation had completely gone down.

I could finally wear all my rings, bracelets and watches without my skin being irritated. Because of the inflammation I get from my eczema it is almost impossible to wear jewellery without it being extremely itchy and painful so I was really excited on this day.